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lil layed & patsosa – came with da drip (freestyle) lyrics


ooh we
uh yea patsosa

verse:1 (patsosa)
i pour a pint in a faygo
ni++a dissing we gone give him a halo
my shower mexican he want the paso
i flip that white and i ain’t talking mayo
look at frank mueller i flooded my watch
i get your b+tch put her face on my crotch
f+ck on your girl and her friend wanna watch
you not a shooter you run to the cops
i do what i do and i do it so nice
buy anything and i don’t care bout the price
before you go out just pray to jesus christ
suck on my d+++ she get flooded with ice
she say she love a n++++ that’s a lie
she leaving with me i see it in her eyes
i’m dripping in dior and your b++++ want to taste
keep a stick it sticking to my waist

verse: 2 (lil layed)
layeddd i came with the drip
shawty said she wanna suck on the tip
imma just pull out and buss on her lip
i got the chips i’m not talking bout no dip
100 shots to his car and that boy flip
i want your cookie i’m not talk bout no milk
shawty want layed to pull up and stay
imma just pull up and buss on your face
how many time you gone scream free ryan
i took a b+tch and i made her a dime
i took a glock and i made it a crime
i put him to sleep now his mama is crying
mike done flooded my wrist i don’t know what’s the time
we having sticks ain’t no way that we hiding
you better hop in if you say that you riding
i f+cked her friend and she know ian lying
verse:3 (patsosa)
boom, boom boom boom
that’s how that ak gone go
f+ck her one time & that b+tch gotta go
f+ck with my n+ggas bet that pistol gone blow
you trapping that white it look just like some slow
oh no that’s your girl well your b+tch is a ho
she on the table shaking a++ like a dancer
i’m taking meds like i’m sick with no cancer
i’m working hard so i can skreet in a foreign
she wanna f+++ but little b+tch is to boring
she popping p++++ she know i’m start touring
i’m start looking in the sky im be soaring
see my dripping cartier with the gucci
buy her pink so she can get wet in the coochie
take a picture with the drake like i’m tunchie
getting money young fly n+gga no lucci
i’m with the sh+t they pointing fingers i’m shooting
look at my drink in my cup i’m polluting
i want more b+tches on my team i’m recruiting
i’m the best n+gga that’s facts and that’s proven
these n+ggas be fake and these n+ggas some possors
i really want h+llcat i really want rovers
sosa lil layed you know we going take over
icy wrist i put diamonds in my chocker
(lil layed & patsosa)
yea that’s it right there!
i don’t care what n0body say (yea that sh+t hard asf) no cap! (eog sh+t!)
aye just mix it and put that sh+t out yeaaaaaaa