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lil mac – i need wheels lyrics


(lil mac)

i need wheels
i need wheels
i need wheels
i need wheels

i’m the type of guy that’s gotta have wheels
i need a car bad
sometimes i wanna steal one
cause’ i need it
i gots’ to have it
catching the bus everyday ain’t gon’ hack it
i’m tired of it
so daddy buy me a car
i got too many girlfriends that live too far
and then every weekend
i’m stuck at home
with this fine girl teasing me on the telephone
saying (lil mac, i gotta see you bad)
i tell my woman hold on so i can ask my dad
i went and asked him, but i don’t know why
he told me (no), i jumped, broke down and cried
frustrated, picked up the telephone and heard this big fine girl asking me (is it on?), no
then she said (what’s the deal?)
i said, you know the deal (what’s up lil mac?)

i need wheels
i need wheels
i need wheels
i need wheels

double dating won’t get it, i got it bad
cause’ when i double date, its with mom and dad
and that’s a drag
my love life is a joke
getting showed for by my parents, can’t even get close
to my girlfriend, now tell me that ain’t a shame
i’m getting too old, to play that hand holding game
i need love, so dad give me wheels
i’m tired of busing and walking, went down my hills
any kind of car, dad its a must
i’ll drive anything, i don’t care if its a bus
i’ll get gas money, that’s no problem
i’ll catch every kid at the sweet shop and rob em’
i need wheels, i keep trying and trying
i don’t want to be a hood and start hot wiring
it’s crucial, and getting very unreal
somebody help me please!

i need wheels
i need wheels
i need wheels
i need wheels

the drive-in movie, trying to get cozy with my woman
but something in my mind, just told me chill
i couldn’t stand the heat
but you know who was sitting smack dab in the front seat
her daddy, and boy was he vicious
with me in the back with his daughter looking suspicious
he fell asleep, i started kissing her neck
but he woke up quick, turned around, bust me
and jacked my neck, like it was made of rubber

(girlfriends dad)
(my daughter is not no backseat lover)

i can’t take it no more, this has to end
dial 1800 lil mac needs a car
and send donations to a worthy cause
before i get mad and start hot wiring cars
and right about now, that’s how i feel
so put your alarms on baby cause’ lil mac needs wheels