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lil mama aisha – again lyrics


losing myself cause i wanted something more
i been nice cause i never was mean before
i can’t lie when i cried on the floor
heartbroken is a curse
it’s been casted on me before
i love being me
that’s the best part of living to me
but trusting someone is hard
when you lost it all to get close to me
that’s okay to me

because i won’t find no one else
that’s what i told myself
but i found someone else
been more patient then anyone else
i felt something different for them
they treat me different then everyone else
i look at them like i don’t need nothing else
what will happen if it ends?
will it be the end?
how will i fall in love again?
because i don’t want to feel pain again

look alive like drake
i need to breathe let’s take a break
i see snakes
they so fake
they wanna try to be my ex
see what happens when i’m late
you have to deal with me again
all this falling in love sh-t is all i can take
stay with me forever
or don’t try to get me hurt
bet you can’t wait
to see cry
but to me that’s okay