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lil maple – duckhunt.mp3 lyrics


duckhunt.mp3 lyrics
(rat jesus on the beat)

[rat jesus distorted]
(when you see these dogs outside, just know upstairs, i’m goin hard)

[lil maple]
i’m testin this beat
i’m testin my feet
i get in the water
then play with your meat
taken a seat
this song is complete
when maple come on
this track is concrete
i wake in the mornin, feel like tony stark
life pretty borin til i’m k!llin a narc
gettin outta here, i’m taken a tarc
need a nightlight cause i’m afraid of the dark
playin fnaf
k!ll a girafe
i do not respect, mcdonalds staff
you always ask me, why i’m on my phone
i’m talkin to your mom leave me the f+ck alone
if yo p+ssy could talk it’d write bout my d+ck
don’t know how to drive but you ridin my stick
talkin to yo mom, i’m thinking we cl!ck
got too many hoes, too many to pick
she wanna give me cheese
i’m sayin yes please
pee in my mouth, i’m havin to sneeze
b+lls are quakin
no ls i’m takin
your mom walks around, got the whole earth shakin
cook me some breakfast
gonna eat myself some bacon
me and your dad?
oh yea i’m taken
american flag
oh say can you see
she wanna l!ck up on all of my d
[rat jesus distorted]
ah yo rat jesus?
yea, we’ve got a track for you

[rat jesus]
krispy kreme got me crispy mean
on the track these hoes gonna crispy cream
i don’t wanna, raise a fuss
but lil maple come up and he’s gonna cause a ruck+
and he’s not playin tennis
now that we fresh out do not blevins
playin fortnite but we not crankin 90s
bouta spit some flame right into yo hiney
i’m droppin bars and i’m not gon be blunt
nintendo og gonna play some duckhunt

[lil maple]
mic on the wall
she sucking my b+lls
screaming ears, gonna give me a call
ice tea, on me
arizona, oklahoma
i’m gonna be big, i should’ve told ya
imma vacation in barcelona
i hate lois
i hate meg
blow ya head off wit my powder keg
see your mom, make me scream and beg
don’t call me hefley, cause i ain’t greg
[rat jesus]
rat jesus on the track
p+n+ses on my back
i’m not g+y but i’ll cut up the slack
waffle house, in my neighborhood
she asked me when, and i told her i could+
cause i ain’t no b+tch
rap bout my life dawg like i am the grinch
never quite made it up on these streets
but back in the sheets
man my d+ck can’t be beat

[lil maple]
lil maple, and the shrudd
my favorite candy
i like milk duds
b+tches love me
cause imma stud
kanye west
you’re in the mud

[lil maple distorted]
d+mn that went hard