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lil myloh – left (prod. born hero) lyrics


yeah, she said, i left her in the wind
seemed like a dream couldn’t even call her a friend
always got my back i’ve always got her side
first time we met, in a corner, we were crying

calling me her friend we would always hangout
went to high school, we were getting takeout
went on a date we were closer than a friend
i wish we could still talk even in the end

still don’t understand why we got in the fights
wish we could meet in the middle of the light
calling me a friend, i knew we could be more
switching’ to the next yeah she dropped to the floor

died from the drugs i hope you don’t do it
if i found out i promise you i’d lose it
not only lose it but i’d lose a close friend
wish we could still talk even in the end

i don’t understand why they always do the drugs
i don’t understand if i could call it fake love
demons and angels are giving me the hugs
i look at you, and i feel all the tugs

sad to think about all the times that we had
hard to think about all the times that were bad
had to understand we were both very sad
teens gettin’ married, i don’t understand that