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lil phlegm – on foenem lyrics


(verse 1: lil phlegm)
cherio, deary oh
check the wrist it freezin doe
take one look up on me neck
you stole it, just a theory tho

10k.caash i scr-ped my knee
i fell down cuz-a-dog, was-huntin-me
it was kinda-crazy, it might have-rabies
a chick named macy, she look-like-jay z

don’t count the bands, count the swajjur
cuz bands don’t matter, take the latter
cuz i would rather, take that than have her
like a bladder, your brain will scatter

that bar was kinda cringy
claim things like i’m stingy
you’re a pig like guinea
only speak hindi

choppa go like gra ta ta ta
deck the halls like fa la la la
underpants like tra la la la
fish hooks intro la la la la

you cook meth like wal ta ta ta
you better call saul la la la
let’s play a game saw saw saw saw
i have ebola la la la

(verse 2: yungtcs)
k like criss cross, apple sauce
this thot wanna f-ck with me
yeah belle delphine loves me
cuz i just made a milly

just like the halls you can get decked
just like rain she get wet
i had to leave then she got upset
no call of duty but i am a vet

you gotta be kiddin man
21 savage just ate a ram
i got all these thots they hop in my minivan
i will not like date a man, cuz he just made out with my can

call me stupid like turkey tom
i am gonna drop a bomb
making out with your cousin is very wrong
she said my pp very long

i do not like lele pons
stole a duck from the pond
i won’t go bananas like donkey kong
i’m singing the song but i don’t know the song

i was cutting onions and
then it made me cry
i saw a pic of a furry
it made me wanna die yuh