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lil rob – summer time lyrics


summer time

[lil’ rob]
hey homey, it’s summer time
i’m a take a little cruise
barbecue out the park and sh-t
swigging on a 32

[verse 1]
it’s summer time, homeboy
stepped in til about two
jumped in my ride, hit my switch
cause you know, holmes, that’s what we do
hit the liquor store, b-mper on the floor
got myself a six-pack
walking out the den, that’s how my homeboy pullin’ up
in a fleetwood cadillac
candy blue, with an att-tude
hey ese, what you gonna do
same thing as you, get a six, pack a too
smoke a joint and catch some alt-tude
after that, i’ll probably throw a cruise
b-mpin’ some old school, rhythm and blues
with the top down, nothing like it
there’s no other time quite like summer time

[break: fingazz]
“summer time
and the livin’ is
is easy” – [brenda and the tabulations]
“you know how we do”
“nothing like the” – [lil’ rob]
“summer time
and the livin’ is
is easy” – [brenda and the tabulations]
“you know how we do”
“with the top town
“b-mpin’ oldies” – [lil’ rob]

[verse 2]
the sun is out, and i’m out and about
on e, but i won’t run out, come on, homey
you know how we do
word up on three, to the barbecue
probably won’t eat, but i’ll drink a few
if you got some weed, then i’ll drink with you
sittin’ on the bench, with my back against the fence
swiggin’ on a 32
what’s happenin’, baby, she said, “wait a minute
aren’t you the oldie man
the only man who can make a rap jam
without f-ckin’ up the oldie jam”
oh, yes i am, by the way, who are you and
what do you like to do
meet me right outside, i got my ride outside
let’s take a little summer time cruise (if that’s alright with you)

[repeat break]

[verse 3]
the freaks come out at night, looking to excite
any man that comes within the sight
take no woman light, with the dress all tight
walk on by, look really nice
smell so good, like a woman should
brought up in the neighborhood
with the pretty face and the tighty waist
any man would take a second look
but we’re driving o.g.’s, b-mpin’ oldies
hide your hatin’, homey, sittin’ in the forties
scr-pin’ and takin’ the pavement
part of the summer time entertainment
there’s no other way i could say it
there’s no other way to explain it
there’s no other time
quite like summer time

[repeat break]

summer time
and the livin’ is so easy
summer time
alright” – [brenda and the tabulations]