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lil shawty – dookie critser diss track lyrics


uh yuh dookie critser you as big as a crysler uh jeep dodge and ram homie you smell like rotten christmas ham

ivey yardley more like ivey smell like pee you be bouncin on duke like he pe uh suckin on rileys d you ain’t got no double d’s uh. duke why dont share you as big as a bear you got all this hair a dumpster is your evil lair
you voice is as annoying as a snare
homie you ain’t rad you kinda black no dad
honestly its kinda sad your mom calls me rad you as r+t+rded as tad you have no lads
you so mad you need a pad . id be suprised if you became a grad before a dad with a guy named brad
you better be glad i dont go harder
imma beat you like bryce carter
you maybe bigger but imma bite you like a chigger only girl you can get is a gold digger

part 2
ohh riley here we go ohh you ain’t got no hoes
you as white as snow boy
i know i have no room to talk

why you sag when you walk?
youtube translate can’t even hear you talk

you a quitter cuz you a spitter you kinda bitter you as g+y as glitter youre a woman hitter
you snitch

cuz you can’t take heat
find your confidence under dukes meat
you got my video to delete
i come back then you retreat
you smell like ryans feet you got scoliosis take a seat
uh you ain’t got no meat to beat
youre smell too its reeks
i met your mom last week
your nose it leaks
every ghost is a dream
i be rockin supreme
duke ain’t too muh cream
youre just a big meme
i tracked you down call me a beam
i be countin dis green i dont sip lean
you shaped like a bean
you look like hungover charlie sheen and look like you do methamphetimine
your as bad as your grades

looks like you do oral for money trades

you like to collect blades
your clothes
need some glade
im goin insane like im shane
im gonna get the blame
get my glock and aim
all dis cash i make it rain
i got a big ol great dane
you need to switch out of your lane

you and riley goin on melissa like you she a train