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lil slank – fresh oc lyrics


verse 1: james slanko

bruh hold up i’m so m-th-f-kin faded
that i just touched down in a m-th-f-kin sp-ceship
and my bitcch stay bad she ain’t muthf-ckin basic
but i stay k!llin tracks hey man i’m just f-kin sayin
that your verse ain’t hard maybe you just need some prayin
cuz the game ain’t hard you just gotta know who play it
call me motherf-ckin bobby on the verse because i flay it
that new lambo just valet it
all these nanas just flambe it
full of skulls that macabre sh-t
oops i meant to say mccoob my bad for real
your b-tch was slobbin on my kn-b you know the deal
these hoes they wanna smoke my f-ckin chlorophyll
roll up a jay then i pop a f-ckin pill
im popab-tch because im just so f-ckin ill
won’t pop a b-tch because i’m just so f-ckin trill

verse 2: lil slank

im chillin and k!llin like krillin but that’s kinda funny cuz krillin ain’t k!llin n-body
i pull out my shotty while chillin with shawtys a couple bad b-tches you know that they with it
i call them my witches im catchin my snitches like quidditch you want it i got it just gimme a minute and then i will ship it i stay spitting filthy like carnage and venom
usian bolt my d-ck is bigger than a colt 45 cuz i’m high makin all these mothers cry curly fries straight from arbys got an army you can’t harm me or harambe d-cks out all these b-tches got they cl-ts out i’m just tryna pig out so there ain’t no need to pout i’m wilin out ya p-ssy smellin like a trout ain’t no doubt gwen stafani on the beat i spit safari heat on the streets of trampa f-ckin b-tches in my campa actin wild that bad grandpa f-ckin all the homies grandmas take they teeth out for the succ then they swallow all my nut just like yes man i’m f-ckin b-tches with the best cans in my black vans that’s the plan man