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lil tracy – macintosh *vintage* lyrics


i don’t give a f-ck about cash (about cash)
i don’t give a f-ck about swag (about swag)
stk n-gg-
genesse n-gg-

[verse 1]
b-tch, i’m yung bruh i got hoes
you could think i’m lying but god knows (he does)
your b-tch f-ck with me, i took her soul
it’s 4 in the morning, she text my phone
talking ’bout she sad and alone
she said her man a lame, i said, “i know.”
she said i want you to come and f-ck me slow (no lie)
we gotta keep this on the low (ok)
why these n-gg-s hating? (why)
why these n-gg-s faking?
i swear i’m losin’ all my patience
that move, i’m tryna make it (let’s get it)
give a f-ck ’bout what you sayin’ (what you sayin’)
stop talkin’, you ain’t say sh-t
i’m a rare -ss n-gg- never seen a n-gg- with the same sh-t
i’m f-cking rare -ss b-tches, never seen a n-gg- with the same b-tch

(b-tch, i’m yung bruh i got hoes)
yeah, yeah
it’s yung bruh n-gg-
it’s that star trek sh-t
i don’t even want a misstress, man, she just comin’ man (i don’t even want her)
shouts out to the 2o6, bruh
genessee sh-t
oth sh-t
(yeah, yeah)