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lil twint – let’s all get face tats lyrics


30 grams, percocet
bullet in my vest
f-ck the west
halberd through the chest
f-ck the best

bullets flying, choppers flying
brains flying, ice shining
snow sniffing, f-ckboys dying
eyeb-lls falling

got on some dreads
f-ck all those friends
still on the fake dreads?
flexin’ with hunnit bands
f-ck the feds
gucci on my pants
ab on my vans

boy, i’ll choose your fate
smoking at h-ll’s gate
i don’t know my own fate
today’s your death date
hangin’ around the heaven’s gate

don’t f-ck with me hoe
b-tch, i’ll cut your throat
dump your body under the boat
still smoking dope
brain on the c0ke

got no percocet
cruisin’ in the west
f-ck the rest
bullet in my head
everybody’s dead