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lil vmk – jammin lyrics


what the f+ck
ayy ayy
yeah yeah

verse 1
b+tch you know that i’m og
i only do original sh+t
even if i copy someone everybody doing same sh+t
so came to change it
drugs not on my range,p+ss
i’m alive, that’s a bliss
hit me just when you need
then you are wearing some ski
tryna get cold but i can’t
pulling out from these vans
respect me nah you can’t
i need the rispp not no xans
might call me lil happy you know i do oc
no custom character i don’t smoke no weed
you tryna copy but you like justin hammer
beat you with words i’m charlie and banner
keep repeating it,you are a spammer
balling like nba
madе a hit like ray j
b+tch i do it everyday
got no monеy i worry bout music
don’t worry bout no b+tch that’s stupid
only 4 real ones
all of the others are gone,ayy
b+tch i’m feeling alone
and i’m screaming f+ck vlone
but shining like diamonds
no collar
ya 6 dogs i’ma baller
verse 2
f+ck the world and f+ck everything
i just keep on this sh+t,i’m tweaking
you rich but you f+cking tripping
lil boy p+ssing me off
gotta hit you with the box
but ain’t no roddy rich
i don’t need a stick
might need a whip
don’t need people to know me
i neer the peace,all bout it
so please f+ck outta here
f+ck a weapon i’m like gasp
took the past outta map
show me something better
middle finger in disguise ross geller
dancing like h+llen keller
gnc got different collor
i be trapping every hour
broken pieces give me power
she hates me i don’t care
cuz certainly you’ll love me when i be there
or might not
but f+ck that sh+t
yous a thot
qr going up like a baloon
i hope that i’m blowing soon
never forget your homies,what you up to
i’m taking them up too
indigo kids i see a great future

yeah you know i’m jammin
i stay firm b+tch i’m standing
yous a kid you like randy
sober now so low landing
world like batman,what i’m planning