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lil wolfie – halloween disstrack lyrics


(intro: alen)
trick or treat
smell my feet
l!ck my schmeet
and put it in your mouth
yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?
f-ck all these kids with their skull trooper costumes
suck on my d-ck
l!ck on yo cl-t, suck on it bit by bit
really gotta take a sh-t
in yo candy bars, now eat it up b-tch

(verse 1: alen)
alright halloween, your time is finally up
i’m through with you and i think i’ve had enough
sellin all the candy, givin’ children diabetes
now bend the f-ck down and eat my f-cking feetsies
spit heat on a beat dissing on halloween
about to be beaned now gimme some good lean
it’s time for your end, this isnt a challenge
really tho, how you gonna get dissed by f-glen?
so overrated, times tickin bit by bit
i’d be in favor to get rid of you and celebrate christmas
every f-ckin day, get it through, noone likes you
open your bag, now i’m takin a large poo
in it, touch your t-ts, in it, suck my d-ck
f-ck outta my calendar, im gonna give you a kick
right up yo -sscrack, gonna take a fat shat
in yo pants, common sense is what ya lack

(verse 2: alen)
call up patb-tch cause we gonna do some crack
what do you think, man? “you’re a big f-ckin hack”
nigward thinks the same thing too
“i want chicken! wait, what am i supposed todo?”
why the f-ck you puttin decorations up so early?
haven’t gone to mickeyd’s, i need a mcflurry
but the drivethrus closed! d-mn, f-ck halloween!
just like ksi it’s really f-cking obscene
light a bag of sh-t on fire, now it’s getting baked!
grab myself a shamrock shake and think it’s time to rape
the f-ck outta this holiday, doesn’t stand a chance
when me and all my homies are about to get advanced
honestly i think the real bomb is thanksgivin’
well now i guess i gotta give ya a verbal d-ckin’
down your throat like those candy bars you be sellin
don’t want sh-t todo with you, i’m already repellin

(outro: alen)
yo stanky -ss b-lls, if i want snacks, i’ll buy
you supposed to be scary, man, don’t try to lie
oh no, ghosts, oh no, zombies
what is this, minecraft? i’ll explain this calmly
ain’t been exciting for years, ain’t worth sh-t
you just dont fit, call you haike, tear you bit by bit
i’ve left you wide open, split, now you can commit
to your fate from lil wolfie, now i’m off to touch a t-t