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lil wop – bride of chucky lyrics


ayy (ayy)

loadin’ up the mac-11, b-tch it’s time to slide (slide)
12 o’clock, went rock on riley, n-gg-s like to hide (it’s wop)
talkin’ all on internet but they don’t come outside (nah)
if you come around here after dark, lil wh-r-, you won’t survive
take a n-gg- skies, you can look me in my eyes
off the percs, it got me fried, got me floatin’ to the sky (ayy, it’s wop)
givenchy and gucci (gucci), know lil wopster stay fly (stay fly)
in my car, keep gettin’ on molly, i reverse it when i drive (it’s wop, it’s wop)
n-gg-, it’s a hit, always keep my trip (my trip)
in love with my stick, wopster chucky in this tip (ayy)
that b-tch can get a hundred, it’s a hundred in my clip
and my trigger finger itchin’ while i’m ridin’ down the strip (ayy)
chopper out the window, it ain’t got no safe (it ain’t got no safe)
when i blow this motherf-cker, it’s gon’ eat his face (ayy, it’s wop, it’s wop)