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lil wop – do or die lyrics


[intro: lil wop]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
aye, uh, it’s wop
yeah, aye, b-tch, lil wh-r-s
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
huh, lil b-tch, yeah, boss sh-t
that b-tch wanna f-ck me on that boss sh-t
it’s wop, do or die, do or die, do or die
lil b-tch
aw yeah, ty made it

[verse 1: lil wop]
the way she suck my d-ck, i might buy my b-tch a bag
i don’t give a f-ck, i spend it and get it back
woke up in the spot, the trap house was full of rats
test a n-gg- gangster, you p-ssy, can’t f-ck with that (aye)
i heard he talkin’ ’bout sendin’ some shots, we gon’ send ’em back (ah)
boy, you a lil baby, your breath smell like similac (aye)
we was ridin’ strapped, four deep, rollin’ off the flats
trigger finger itchin’, bite down, don’t get whacked (aye)
bled that, that (what), bled that check (yeah)
blood everywhere, that n-gg- bleedin’, so get whacked (d-mn)
i’m from ’round the way where n-gg-s die about respect

[verse 2: jda mook]
uh, uh, die about respect, uh
m50 all on my neck, uh, treat my chopper like a pet, uh
extension drop, leave it wet, uh, it ain’t enough, make it stretch
i’m in this b-tch with my set, uh, the chopper’s all up on the ‘vette, uh
i’m in this b-tch like dmx, uh, snuff him, what you gon’ do next, uh?
ee, ee, uh, ee, ee, uh, ee, ee, uh
the chopper’s all under the seat, i’m in this b-tch and i’m geeked, uh
this ecstasy, it got me weak, i’m turnt, tellin’ b-tches have a seat
you know how it go when it come to the streets
you know how it go when it come back to me
i was out there in the kitchen, uh, i was out there on the streets
i was out there in the kitchen, uh, i left that sh-t for these beats