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lil wyte – one lil pill lyrics


“one lil pill”

yeah what up its your boy lil wyte its goin down like always i like xanex bars everybody does,
a lot of parents give me a lot of sh-t
talkin’ bout i’m a bad influence that’s okay i can be that
that’s what i do b-tch you know what i’m sayin you probably got more drugs and more pills then i do ya kids ain’t watchin’ me,
they listenin’ to me, but they watchin’ you m-th-f-cka they watchin’ you

[chorus 2x]
one lil pill you can break down into fo’s
(one) one lil pill you can break down into fo’s
one lil pill you can break down into fo’s
guaranteed when mixed with liquor it gon’ have you on the flo’

[verse 1]
i just popped half a xanex hoe
11 o’clock in the morning i’m ready to go
just bought me some dro threw on some clothes and stepped out the do’
hopped in my tahoe and full speed to the liquor store
and if ya with me you gonna have to hit the weed too
pop these drink this and really get with me too
see i hate being the only one at a party fallin down
that’s why i try to get your -ss f-cked up as i am and on the ground
i know i’m controversial and called an addict and an alcoholic
and that i’m the reason that your kids probably won’t make it into college
but the truth is you got syrup in your medicine cabinet hidin
all they gotta do is go into your bathroom and try to find ’em

[chorus 2x]

[verse 2]
hey kids got anxiety don’t panic
two of these will have you floatin like you know you’re on another planet
you know you wanna try it you easily persuaded
if peer pressures a b-tch lil wyte must be satan
and i’m a monster when i’m on bars
should’ve called a cab an hour and a half ago
instead i popped a taft
gotta keep goin gotta keep pushin to my destination
if i’m lucky this lori will keep me up in order to make it
and i’m sippin purp swervin on the interstate sw-ngin
15’s in the back got that chevy thang bangin
i’m a professional children don’t try these at home
but what can i say at 16 i thought that i was m-th-rf-ckin grown

[chorus 2x]