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lil yachty - obvious lyrics


(grow up, n+gga)
know that your friends were dissin’
i’m not stuntin’ them b+tches
you was the one that let them know our issues
how the f+ck could they help you when them hoes couldn’t help they self?
all of them hoes is lonely, prayin’ a n+gga pick ’em off the shelf
them b+tches is bad for your health
your twitter is downin’ your worth
wish your ego would ride in a he+rs+
i told you first, you need to fix that
we go back and forth like a pool lap
yeah, you give me that top like a headwrap
excuses, don’t wanna hear that
i invest ten months and ain’t get no returns
i’m feelin’ like usher, i’m lettin’ it burn, burn, burn
keep it two fifties, i don’t think you truthfully ever learn
you can’t keep it solid
you keep breakin’ down because you came with too much mileage
i be geekin’ up, i’m gettin’ higher than a pilot
dealin’ with the sh+t you put me through while i put your ass through college
baby girl, it’s obvious
that your energy shifted
you don’t miss it (yeah, yeah)
it’s obvious, it’s obvious
girl it’s obvious (obvi, obvi)
girl you obviously changed (obvious)
girl, it’s obvious

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