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lildaniel223 – hoa diss lyrics


aye, yeah, aye

[verse 1]
f+ck everyone on hoa all you n+ggas dumb
if i catch pabble, imma hit him in his tum
mourn is a b+tch he got screamed at by his mom
swiper is a p+ssy and that n+gga is a bum
kirk is a clown you ain’t hack sh+t
botgod is a clown and he look like a chimp
shprqness is a goofy he cannot ddos for sh+t
underpants is a pedo and he is a hypocrite
heard that mourn’s dad is dead smoking on his pack
pabble is a fat ass and he got crumbs on his back
sleepthegod a bum and he cannot eat no snacks
you need a f+cking dentist beetlejuice stop smoking meth
meowbahh is a p+ssy and she look like a man
sleepthegod look like a grandpa from the ku klux klan
underpants is not a asian n+gga he looks like a f+g (you’re g+y)

[verse 2]
carl is a b+tch, poterror is a b+tch
kuba’s mommy is a b+tch, she gon get hit with this d+ck
hdgzеro is a b+tch, kirk is a b+tch
know you ain’t hacking sh+t
swiper is a hoe, feeks is f+cking broke
shprqnеss is a clown selling database for weed
desmond is a r+t+rd he in prison taking d
darkwizard a b+tch he a xan snorting f+g
he got doxed and cried posted a vid with the feds
rax is a clown, underpants wants kids in his bed
pabble is a fat f+ck lose some f+cking weight
mourn is a f+cktard e+girl blasted on his arm
d4rk r4bb1t is a clown and his head built like a corn
and time. can do so much
are you still mine?
i need your love



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