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lilguaposucio – texas boys lyrics


[verse 1: jd]

mind in a dream, stuck in a fl!ck
say the wrong things, i lost me my script
what should i do? f-cked up my past
and nothing is new, i wonder what’s next
love and respect
just give it to me
working so hard so why can’t you see?
there goes my soul releasing the beast
when i give you the message don’t leave me on seen
wonder what’s next in this life of mine
lost in the waves like life of pi
telling all my homies that we’re gonna shine
cause we all rhyme we a group of stars
we that big dipper
that double six
that big spinner
get the game started
going way harder than these local artists is
climbing higher i can see my peak
crazy now that it’s in my reach
working harder than ever to never meet defeat
it’s a everyday cycle
try to be mindful of moves
usually a kind-full -ss dude
press the right b-ttons and i might get rude
please do not test it i’m not in the mood
fly like zazul
soaring above you lying -ss dudes and i feel like i’m scrooge
hating your presence and tis not the season
the heart of a k!ller don’t give me no reason
cause i might do it with nothing in mind
keep that in mind
it’s in my bloodline for me to act foolish
what the f-ck are you doin’?
me and the homies are starting a movement
them punk rock and bikers influenced me to do what i wanna
puff marijuana
vibe when i’m high and i’m high everyday
loving to grub ain’t too much on my plate
might just take years to make sure that i’m straight
and won’t stop til i’m big like my state
aye, que queres es?
it’s that texas boy
my obnoxious style leave you so annoyed
i’m that type of dude that you wanna avoid
keep f-ckin’ with me that’s a funny choice
imma bummy boy with no muddy cup
don’t f-ck around with no dummy stuff
keep my mind straight and get my money up
get my money up
like yah

[verse 2: lilguaposucio]

lilguaposucio back in the booth!

when you see the way that they been doin’ sh-t
just know we the ones that influenced it
i’m speaking my mind so fluently
but my momma think that the drugs ruined me
she don’t like what the drugs do to me
but on everything i put my gang over anything
i know that you are not who you pretend to be
used to be homie and then you turned enemy
b-tch imma live forever like i’m dracula
double up all of my plastic cups
but i prefer styrofoam
i play with these hoes like a xylophone
don’t call my phone cause you’ll just get the dialtone
honestly i’m after milestones
i’ve been chasing my dreams with a forth of codeine in a candy coated cadillac
the whip look like a murder scene