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lilnedbigby – young cranium lyrics


i go pee pee
i go poo poo
put my weewee
in her p–poo
oh no thats the police gotta dip
maybe next time we can leave the prost-tute a tip
i just got my wisdom teeth taken out
make you walk the plank put this 38 in your mouth (you can’t speak)
super soaker, lights are out
imma chase the guap until i lose a couple pounds
navigation and the whereabouts
i have autism like yun head
i am autistic like yun head
do not speak b-tch you give me head
and once you stop you will be dead
paula deena mantequilla
choppa sing like mamma mia
and i got a p-n-s
watch out i know how to use it
go crazy
go stupid
go famous i’m used to it
got bacon cheese and soup
i dont need coupons ill see you