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lilpen – where it all started lyrics


☑️where it all started
where it all started
lil pen
(lil pen just began his start into fame but this isn’t the beginning [news broadcast])

hold up let start, let me start
wit dis hook, wit dis hook
wit yo b-tch, wit yo b-tch
yeah ah x4
hold up x4
i didn’t start dis way
no no no
i was born and raised
in a house on da block, on da block
where i was ask to begin
but wait i don’t know where to begin
i was (runnin x4)
da block wit a glock
wit da cops on da clock
coppin tops scroppinrock
choppin thots wit da glock
oh my sock i haven’t forgot
about the time i was rappin
about the time is was trappin
oh oh oh no
i have forgot oh wait
i forgot what a thot is
is it thicc
is it big
is it a t-t
does it grip
oh wait oh hey
lip lip on yo tip tip
scary on dis
carey on dis
harry on dis
laid wit jaundice
had a day
low lay
crow cray
oh hey
didn’t mean to
crash yo flow
toe joe bro bro
ay oh say cray toe
i am dis man
from da block wit a glock
pop pop x8
chop chop x4
whip whip on yo hip hip
grippin on yo t-t t-t
licking on yo cl-t cl-t
beep beep creep creep x3
oh yeah so yeah
low yeah
beating on yo b-tch
wit her cl-t in my crown
so so sound
pop pop
on da block
i can’t remember where it ends
now or forever
save me
from him
pray there’s no sin
down da block
oh my god
lil pen ends today
oh hey
tell dj
turn it down
oh yeah oh yeah

i’m a virgin