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limbonic art – prologue-phantasmagoria lyrics


dark woods summon me to enter
as the moon emerge from behind the clouds
enlightening the primordial ruins of a hidden burial site
ghastly shapes of undead souls flitting about in the murk
very pale and death-like appearance, embodiment of evil

there is a legend in the region of this place, evil
buries but not dead
a psychic presence moving in the haze, cursed creatures
few have seen the ent-ty and lived to tell
what dwells beyond the iron gates of h-ll
supernatural forces, disembodied voices
caught in the spell, phantasmagoria
when the undead speaks at night, from the black sp-ce
beyond life
apparitions haunting at the darkest hour
screaming in anguish, tormenting the living
in the shadows of the tombstones
a paranormal phenomenon is breeding