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limbonic art – prophetic dreams lyrics


the era of innocence has ended, a grotesque darkness
reveals it self
reflecting mankind’s ill-will, heed the premonition,
total overkill
blemished landscapes of desolation emerge in my prophetic
surreal overtones of devastation, the last link to sanity
bizarre symptoms of vile revelation
dismal post apocalyptic environments
ruins of disgraceful rancid nations
the angel of death has now descent on earth
silhouettes of specter shadows, warped and putrid images
deteriorating souls of the d-mned, roaming a barren
a lifetime in purgatory, atonement in agony
ashes of incinerated corpses drift like desert sand in
the air
generating an unholy shaded atmosphere
a funeral steam drapes the abandoned land of lost
darkness conquers and devour, reaping the souls of the
in an immense blackness never to be awaken