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lisa marie presley – heartless lyrics



i watch you in the morning
but you would never know
i watch you like a satellite
but i let you go
i will be watching you
i know you’re watching to
a whisper in the hallway
corners of my mind
i hear you out there whispering
but you can’t hear the signs
i hear you whispering
i hope your listening

i’m heartless
i’m heartless
i’m heartless again

i wish i’d been a runner
so i could run from you
i made a million wishes
but none of them came true
i keep on wishing you
keep on wishing too
i wait for a resolution
but it will never come
i want to wake up free of you
not knowing where you have gone
but i won’t let you through


i’m heartless

on nail it to your heartbeat
nail it to your soul
oh blame it on the surface
you don’t need to know

i’m heartless
i’m heartless?
i’m heartless again