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livid – shaded lyrics


taking time to figure out
to figure out what’s running through your head
everything you said, everything you did
what really got to me i’ll never forget
what it is that broke me
and pulled me down and watched me bleed
wasting time neglecting doubt
my stomach stops to hear my heart shout
to hear my thoughts out, to ease my pain
i’m sick of telling this old tale
to any ear that’s open
i’d tell it all to you again
but i’ve already spoken

and i don’t know how
you can say it’s overrated
i’m so frustrated
and i can’t stand how
you make me feel my life’s been wasted
my faith is shaded

waking up and handing out
handing out a welcoming
to everything you were, to everything you prefer
what really hurt the most were the
secrets that you kept beneath your skin
what they were, i never knew
till the day they made me plead
breaking all respect without
explaining what you’re really about
to let your thoughts out, to ease my pain
i’m sick of feeling that i’ve failed
the course that never opened
you’re choosing to be crawling through
when you know you should be walking

when it hurts
when it rips my heart in two
when it hurts because