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lloyd banks – get the fuck up now lyrics


get the f-ck up now

[voice whispering:] so dangerouuuss.
[lloyd bank$:] uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh-oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh!

[verse 1:]
bank$ is gettin’ money money ain’t gettin’ him (uh!)
him sitting his whip on 23” inch rims. (yeaah!)
why would i spend my money on tints (uh!)
’cause i got my bombers hooded up in your lawndas. (yeah!)
the cribs is bigger than my mama’s (uh!)
with that you can send your local high school or college.
your year is expired! – you should pay knowledge (uh!)
a hood n-gg- – way out in the bahamas. (whoo!)
on tour so you probably won’t find us
in your barber shop i got a barber with liners. (yeah!)
bank$ grew kinda hard with piranhas
my closet is the size of a clothing designator. (uh!)
you’re now rockin’ with’ new yor city’s finest
shuttin’ down the clubs a bunch of n-gg-s went behind us. (uh!)
now i’m dealin’ with’ a bunch of pre-madonnas
i take ’em to the crib and have ’em bend over for recliners. (yeah!)

i need y’all to get the f-ck up now! (uh-huh!)
i know theirs gangstas in this tooown. (yeah!)
so – throw up your set! (uh-huh!) – ma’ come to the front (uh-huh!)
show me somethin’! (yeah!) yeah; that’s what i want. (uh!)

i need y’all to get the f-ck up now (uh-huh!)
i know how y’all get down in this tooown.
so – lit up your weed! (uh-huh!) – ma’, come to the front (uh-huh!)
now poke it out! (ye-ah!) yea; that’s what i want. (uh!)

[verse 2:]
i’m fresh, breast like million bucks
see my green chinchilla and my trillon cuts. (whoo!)
inspired by the n-gg-s that i trust (uh-huh!)
so if you my sh-t then, you should buy buck’s. (yeah!)
there’s a lot of rappers let off steeaam
’cause i’m gettin’ money and my jewelry all greeeen. (uh!)
some of the brightest sh-t you ever seeeen
my whole team, so fresh and so cleeaan.
down south where they sipping on leeeen (yeah!)
little ‘ks stray hit you with the beeaam. (yeah!)
i’m a bachelor! – i ain’t lookin’ for a queen. (uh-uh!)
southside ballers, the american dream!
bein nosey will get you behind beeaams
so if ain’t your beef, try not to interveeene
i got a pack of mary jane in my jeeaan
if i blow it in the sky we will all be high. (uh!) [2 coughs]


[verse 3:]
i’m hot n-gg-! – the fools ain’t the saaame
i’m speeding, i give a f-ck, hoes in my lanes. (brrrrr!)
i got a couple loose, screws in my brain (uh!)
i die on over this i ain’t goin’ to move with my chain (oh, no!)
you caught a brick but – who is to blame? (uh-huh!)
your fans turn their back now i’m you and that a shame. (d-mn!)
i’m thinkin’ about flyin’ to hawaii (yeah, yeah!)
sippin’ on colatti (yeah, yeah!) – lyin’ with’ a hottie. (whoo!)
uptop drinkin’ n-gg-s in here schemin’
so i ain’t leavin’, ’cause i’m here with my gaaaaaat!
lay low for a second and get your attention
and back on the bencin’, i’m baaaaaack!
and your famblades spinnin’ on a llac
and you can’t see the side ’cause the windows all blaaaaack.
i had respect but i take it all back (uh-huh!)
’cause you’re celebrity wander around with a raaaaat!


i need y’all to get the f-ck up now… uh!
i need y’all to get the f-ck up now… uh!
i need y’all to get the f-ck up now…
i know theirs gangstas in this tooown…

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