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lloyd banks – money don’t matter lyrics


money don’t matter

i got my hands all over your girl
man, i’m rocking her world and she loves me
you can buy everything she loves
but you can’t buy hers, with your money
she won’t eat when she f-cking with me
i got her up in the v, getting nasty
i got her shakin all way down her knees
i get it all for free
holla at me

[verse 1]
mister i ain’t never gave a f-ck about a girl
i’m ghetto, i’m thorough, i’m reppin my boro
i’m out of my mind, girl my mind’s on dinero
probably thinking i’m the one
tired of ridin wit a zero
zeroed up, i only hear chains, don’t hear no sl-t
red rose matching my clothes don’t wear no cup
headphones, channel my zone, she won’t shut up
dead tone, turn off my phone and roll one up
i’m getting to the paper, that’s why i can’t take ya
you mix business with pleasure, you’re slidin’ down a danger
girl never mind the minor, cause i’mma do it major
they fine but you finer and i’m hotter than that laser
lay 20 b-tches down, stomp their p-ssy
you gon’ have to peel it off the ground
i wanna knock ’em down though i will it with my crown
it’s just me and you n-body here to hear the sound
it gets scary when i pound, now


[verse 2]
cuffing only comes with a black lash
she got that you get money, you can clap p-ss
n a fat -ss
i like shaking it, new bottles and black bags
metal with the crew 22 bottles and smack fast
you will never appreciate nothing ’til you makin’ some
so keep it real with me, and keep it fake with them
full phonebook, travel out of the state wit none
she looking for a trick, and you a major one
told her she’s running out of time, she bought me a watch
she know i beat her -ss up, she calls me the box
a bad b-tch is like the norm, they normally hot
i got a thousand co-signs, they all give me props
my jewelry extra, light up the mall with these rocks
glock bodyguard, you n-gg-s tour with the cops
you spending here, never see you at all when i shop
keep your convo, fast forward tha guap, i’m hot