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lloyd banks – pain lyrics



[fresstyle over 2pac’s: “so much pain” beat]

[verse: {dj whoo kid}]
they’ll never take me alive, i’m gettin’ high
out in southside nickle plated heater on my side.
every night [shot] before i rest my head, i thank to lord
for ‘scaping this situations i can’t afford. (uh-huh!)
gun and sword, drama poppin’ all across the board (yeah!)
mother-f-ck yo’ magazine and yo’ source awards! [explode]
just a year ago me and yayo were makin’ plans (alright!)
now sh-t changed, i’m signing autographs and shakin’ hands (that’s right!)
makin’ grands, i got jamaican and haitian fans, (uh-huh!)
went from ridin’ bmx’s to the racin’ lambs. – ya understand? (uh-huh!)
they’re not my homie, – they don’t even know me
i had to learn from my experience, cause n-body showed me!
n-body told me, i followed no direction! (uh-uh!)
teflon for protection, so i don’t end up like the next one! (yeeeaaah!)
i gotta – leave my mark (mark…) – and solidify my spots
so that way when i drop {god-…} – it’s first cl-ss trip to the top. {d-mn!}
chockin’, smokin’ that purple haaaaze. (uh-huh!) – learned at a certain age (uh-huh!)
that once i get it! – grab it, hold it, learn to control it. (whoooo!)
n-gg-s plottin’, chockin’, schemin’, dreamin’ that can can be me
believe me! it’s not too easy, you ain’t built for tv! {d-mn!} [shot]
i’m hittin’, splittin’, duck and dodgin’ these hoes
with an extra change of clothes, when they show-up at my shows.
i gotta – clear my heard and get my work done (work done!) (yeah!)
cause i’m hittin’ multi-platinum on my first on! (first month!) (yeah!) {whoooooo!} [shot]

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