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lo hess – take you back again lyrics


say you want me back again
want me in your life
say you won’t give me flack again
say you’ll treat me nice

say you want us to start again
say you’ve really changed
say you won’t break my heart again
so you’re begging me to stay

think you can come back in my life
but i’m telling you that you cannot
think that everything’s all right
you should know that i haven’t forgot
last time i let you in my life
you brought me nothing but pain and strife
so just stop wasting your time
i won’t take you back…again…

say you’re all alone at night
& you wish i was there
say that every day you cry
well baby i don’t care

no i don’t care if you cry to me
so just go away
stop invading my privacy
don’t wanna hear a word you say


i don’t wanna hear a word that you say
i won’t listen so just go away
i think you deserve it so i’m happy bout your pain


back again
back again
(just stop wasting your time)
back again
back again…