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logfella – evergreen lyrics


it’s so stream of consciousness at present tense
so aware of every dragging second
i’m so unworthy of anything
i told you i’m sinking
please say something

karaoke and computer screens
slept in your bed last night
you’ve got the mouth and t++th that could ruin my whole life
you told me not to call you that anymore
did it feel good to throw yourself on the floor?
i wanna tell you what i came here for
is that alright?

we spoke of losing faith and getting old
and how there’s nothing to do but die slow
if i called, would you greet me with fake content?
wouldn’t mind seeing your face this week sometime

sick of hating my own dreams
i missed your bed last night
i know it’s stupid but you wouldn’t believe
how i felt when you turned out the light
you told me not to think about it today
but it hurts to ignore it all the same
and i know you’ll never feel this way
but it’s alright