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logic (people’s army) – inspiration lyrics


motivation, (yeah)
life’s a celebration
we’re living off inspiration
logical, people’s army
yeah, look

you see my aim’s to be the next rodney p
i hold it down brudda
not for now but when your done p-ss the crown brudda
this rap tings like no other it’s a part of me
see i’m inspired by a true mc
when i first heard righteous spit his pen bar
i felt the heart of playing old school pdc tapes in my car
talented, god in my heart and devil’s in my mind
quinney cript, jaja, even heard arch a couple times
then i linked with bytes
and quinney knew blacks from school, we made a lab
yeah phils was my crew and at the same time plo
we used to talk about, stuff to escape from the roads
dvs was just over the road
so he used to come early the mic’s dead
suge and h chatting to my nan, while i’m still in bed
shak and naja made a mixtape
quinney, and devs made a mixtape
and stinks made a mixtape
phils affiliated mixtapes
anyone who wanted to spit
political peak was just a kid
started hitting deal real, open mics they became a hobby
i left the white girl to chill with bobby
i linked frank, then frank got manic madnick and prodigal son
kraftsmen and too explicit
dj snuff and manage were a tag team
and mill playing the guitar
the cameraman was strings
plo evolved into ?, me, sty, and outfit, i’m gonna miss a bit but why low it?
you might get it
doc brown hosted all the open mic sessions
and mike glc was there so you get a mention
rhyme asylum possessed
stylah used to spit like he was the best
and lowkey always spat like he had something on his chest
started hearing about mcs like ghetts and kano
they know, that wiley would deliver
i had tapes with wiley, rico, and skiba
going back to back way back take that
this is not a track reminiscing, nah fam
this is a track about inspiration
that’s my background and now the game’s forever changing
i say that we embrace it
we got stormzy setting pace
and i put brotherhood firmly in the race, salute reality
george the poet spittin actuality
we got young stubborn who ain’t really heard
but if your listening your hanging on to every word
little malachi soon come, and ru1 are beating on the drum
malik still reppin brum
and don’t flop’s got it’s critics but there’s no doubt it’s got a scene
are bbk the best grime team? controversy
sneakbo, krept and konnan, play this from early
from the block to the stage
on the real you must salute what is made out of nothing
look we started off broke, and even if we’re not rich
we made a dream into a hope
a hope into an action that can actually happen
imagine that we’re getting paid for our rappings
paid for our writings
did we think this when we started?
that’s the true definition of a true artist
let me start this
akala is inspiration
maverick sabre is inspiration
yeah and sway he’s inspiration
mighty moe is inspiration
look we started something beautiful
something we can call our own and use as a tool
to shape the minds of the next generation
cause they can’t hear the news over all the music that their playing
so i say we put the news in the music, educate them
it’s their choice if they choose it
i salute it, but don’t excuse it
cause everyone’s responsible not just wayne and drake
yeah it’s got a lot to do with what we’re teaching
originality, think it over
now the youngers are screaming out f-ck the olders
we’ve created some real soldiers, slightly misguided
but first we need to embrace where their mind is
where their minds at, cause you get what you give back
listen this is not a track for name droppin
cause if it was i’ve got the same problem
i remember filming dot rotten vs nartsie down in brockwell park
nothing but truth that’s in my heart, see this is not the start
it started back with london posse, “money mad”
yo! mtv raps
way before dizzee and crazy t had their little scr-p
skinnyman and mud fam
ty and blak tw-ng
we don’t know where we’re going if we don’t pay homage to the place where it began
see i been doing this way before the cameras so the footage couldn’t get taken
but don’t get it mistaken, cause any real rapper will support this
that the best freestyles are not recorded
never seen again, that’s the way it is, it’s just another myth
yeah, listen, i told you, that’s what inspiration is

one take
i don’t even think it needs anything else in it
you know what fam, i think we should just leave it like that
overstand, give thanks
peace, love, guidance