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loma - affinity lyrics


what did you see?
how have you been?
there are lines
that never end
and from the day
that i could talk
i had to know
how will i live
without a body?

a man believes
a woman needs
you measure time
by how you breathe
the road erodes
under my feet
inside the snow
a woman sleeps
i’m making sounds
i can’t control
i push the day
into a hole
i hang my shirt
upon a nail
beside the sea
and swimming deep
into the dark
my shadow moves
with and without me
the only place
i ever lived
i found a home
i lost a friend
entire moon
falls on the street
and on thе tides
that carry me
i tried to spеak
to someone beyond me
the only face i ever see
was all around me

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