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lonnie gordon – if i have to stand alone lyrics


still after all this time
you won′t make up your mind
it′s all or nothing for me
you keep me hanging on
you say i must be strong
but how tough can one woman be

chorus 1:
we used to have hope for the future
and plans for tomorrow
i just can′t live on empty dreams

chorus 2:
give me all your heart or nothing at all
my world ain′t gonna crumble or fall
i′ll be all right, i′ll find a home
i don′t care if i have to stand alone

i′ll get along somehow
my world won′t tumble down
but you can′t go on using me
i kept our love alive
didn′t i stay by your side
how loyal can one woman be

we used to have respect for each other
trusted one another
i just can′t live on empty dreams

chorus 2
get out of my life or be committed to me
you don′t have to worry, you see
i′ll be all right on my own
i′m prepared if if have to stand alone

chorus 1

chorus 2 (2x)