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lord gary – syth lord lyrics


[verse 1]

i’m not a dope boy, but i get respect from the dope boys
it’s because i’m dope boy
i’m out here giving d.c. hope boy
who got the album of the year, your boy
oh boy don’t play around
before the syth lord come and lay you down
n+gga just be quiet don’t make a sound
because you will get k!lled my pen so ill
and they’ll say ew when they see your corpse
the results of playing with the dark side of the force
i’m engulfed in dark flames showing no remorsе
gary better known as lord
becausе we’re all gods but you ain’t ready for that convo
one shot leave ya last name mourning alonzo
i’m the proof on the mic n+gga r.i.p. deshaun though
rappers, you better take caution, gonzo
f+ck with me

you n+ggas keep on fronting like i’m playing around
‘til you lay in the ground
(this is the difference between emceeing and rap
come on where you at) syth lord
you n+ggas think you’re crazy ’til the syth hunt you down
and you lay in the ground
(where you at, come on where you at)
[verse 2]

i’ll be d+mned if a n+gga play me like a hoe
then again let me hit you with this 50 cent quote
would you think you chumped me if i let you bump me
when i’m ‘bout to make a mill faster than you make a g
i know my future’s bright
i shine without lights on even at night
the syth has arrived n+gga welcome me back
me falling off, even tien can’t see that
like kane and g rap my crew got the juice
i’ma do what i do n+gga worry about you
why you worried about me like a female
what you wanna know about the d+ck game and the details
f+ck n+gga get on back
before i send the storm troopers out to attack
you better float on, like stetsasonic
before i leave your brains on a plate, tectonic, f+ck n+gga


[[bridge 2x]

why you wanna play with me
you don’t know who i be
i’m from that d.o.c
and they gon’ ride with me
[verse 3]

winners gonna win king even when they take a l
they ain’t give me heaven so i gotta raise h+ll
like sean carter said back in the day
please watch your mouth don’t get slapped in the face
by this n+gga on the side of me waiting to eat
p+ssies and beef, don’t play with me
i shine like a highlighter
syth lord all over my clothes got me flyer than a tie fighter
d.c. where i’m born and raised
struggling, had clothes that was worn for days
while you live with your nose in the air
i got my own problems don’t bring those over here, stay clear n+gga


[bridge 2x]