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lorenzo asher – numismatics lyrics



do you hear their voices
i can hear their voices
what a price coming in out of night lights
into your dreams


thoughts racing to hearts pacing
i think about how
we could save a nation from satan
when it’s been ages
my mind ages
ways since ’94
when i was four
little brother born
my mothers rage with my father
she could not ignore
but the guy was gone before i was born
still i was scorned
by 3, not iverson
but i’m your son
to refrain from spreading dirt on her name
i must bite my tongue
so i’m alone now, your own child
your flesh and your blood
is on his own
how do i grow proud
when i never was loved
so am i [?]
with my projected hopelessness
over dose spilling hope onto oceans of chromosomes
could i become victim of the system
chrome in my chromosomes
lifestyles and scriptures
of crips and bloods
for the holy ghost
my only hope is that i over dose
my soul applexes, magmus, solar plasma’s
stills i’m over globes
novocaine and adderall
after all
it’s a battle calls
automatics for traffic just praying i’m not irrational
lord please, i’m claustrophobic, these walls that i’m in
should have double the square footage to fit all of my sins
should have twice the amount of bushes twice as tall keep em in
and if jesus died on that cross, cross my heart with his skin
before you judge me , please
before you judge me please think of all the skeletons with keys
inside yo closet that will freeze
not to be heartless
but freeze under that darkness
and bleed colors of scarlet
with dreams of being artists
find appalling the garden
still sprout spartans
that bend up harbors
and [?] to learn as much as you taught em
that makes em smart but we’re smarter
we see right through your designs, my mind just picks em apart
and retraces historical steps back to where this all started
numismatics means to love her to death
dearly departed i’m insane, i hear their voices i’m insane