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los.sp – 4 syllables lyrics


me and my dude rock out we sp
me do rock out
we rock out with too much m+m+money
little boy you cannot f+ck with us you just chunin
cut like a seam
get cho ass outta my team

and we roll out like seal team six
yes sir we k!lled osama come and see the pics
switch came with a stick
beggers just like ticks
four syllables all that i need
the tee yes its really sp
you wanna know if its free??
i really do not wanna hear yo godd+mn plea
i am a stressaholic
you can just tell by my jeans
them b+tches is
way too


ap super priceless
walk in trap supеrperfect
they on mе
they get nervous
bad lil bit
i can’t hurt her
walk to the guap
do that sh+t easy
walk to the trap
they gotta need me
i get the guap
f+ck it up needless
30 on me imma just heat it
i’m in the hidden leaf
i’m with my n++++ los
walk in the trap n they all so comatose
flawless young n++++ i do this like every day
i’m with you b+tch and you know that she came to play