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lou sinergy – growing pains lyrics


[verse 1: lou sinergy]
apparently my expectations are a fantasy
never gonna happen i am never gonna grasp the scene
a white boy attempting [?] caucasian art
getting labelled eminem like they have torn my name apart
so how about, i’m a wannabe grego
well wannabe louis gregor be wanting to be successful
why can’t you say my name without relating me to famous rappers with the same pigment?
if only you could [?] me
then i guess i could say i’m in the same boat
with the same bloke that has his name spoke in a play though
[?] a&rs and ceos [?] talent [?]
but we mold any fresh blood like it’s playdough
if i do i really want that
or is my gritty side too close and my wallet [?] no
backing me since what i’m after and a point to prove
i’m not the kid from school, the quiet one with the low tank of fuel
[?] mistake
if i didn’t start that then to music i will be a bit late
that was a scene to me, three years ago was a scene for me
but now hip hop [?] expression so what’s my scenery?
i’m sick and tired of being sick and tired
you’re so fired [?] leonidus
[?] newcomer
the only time you’re hot is june, summer
re-fixing a gruesome cover, no
but on the serious topic, why aren’t i branching out?
is the quality to poor on logic?
or is pro tools a little bit weak?
cos this and every week i travel [?] no paddle [?] sh-t creek?
but still get no feedback
only my usual fans boost my self-esteem and honestly i need that
they get self-proclaimed critics who fear a backlog
realise they rant themselves and give hand-jobs to big names
but as soon as they hear someone different
a potential threat that’s when their actions are different
i will never change for anyone else’s eardrums, i will propel flames
until everyone’s hearing is numb
i am myself
so why would i have a makeover?
to be put on the edge like the slates of dover
riddle me that
i won’t leave until my throat [?]
and consequently my [?] is out

[hook: lou sinergy]
my mantra instincts while keeping his eye-watch
my growing pains, i’ll [?] my [?]
never will i relinquish my wants
i will clench and tense, sleep on my job

[verse 2: lou sinergy]
realistically, my impeded reasons
are deactivated by the [?]
information that will knock self-belief out
when my rpg [?] demeanours
it’s hard when no one believes in you
they all wait for you to simmer
but with every line comes growth and more precision
[?] greater
[?] dead j dillah, but more realer
i’ve been an underdog all my life but with dna of a winer
this is the heart of louis speaking
the gregory state of mind being transmitted by sinergy’s inner being
fluctuating from amateur and intermediate
avoid promotion in case someone’s sp-ce i’m interfering in