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louis logic – the line lyrics


(too bad for me, women weren’t made to share)
[whisper:] what you do, do for love

[background:] they say you look with your eyes, touch with your hands
i might be wrong but i’m not blind, and i know what i like
something tells me i’m not the only guy
i’m ain’t really tryin ta f-ck you miss is just the
tiff’s got them lips and i love the t-ts

and the jeans hug her hips as if nothing fits, the custom is
you can look but never touch the chick
if you were really my best friend then we’d still be brothers
i’d never do you so dirty we’d have to k!ll each other
you know i’d never cross the line, and try ta steal ya lover
from the covers like what yours is mine

[verse 1]
they say the day you stop looking you stop living
its like i owe the life i got cooking to hot women
if god put em here it’s got to be plot driven
to keep us watching em cause we need it like oxygen
and i’m not even shop lifting, i’m browsing at your spouse
in that blouse man that chick is arousing
i even gotta stick to the couch when she’s jiggling around
because my brown friend is pitching a clown tent
there she goes she’s my best friends girl
i can swear she don’t sweat this repressed man’s world
she’s got a natural beauty and s-x appeal
but when i get to steal a peek it’s like you threw a
protective shield
you shouldn’t let me feel guilty or too ashamed
the truth can get concealed in all of these stupid games
you’re wondering who to blame, pointing at lou again
never bothered to view the plain fact that you’d do the same
staring at my cutie’s frame you like to see
my newest flame bending over in her tightest jeans
i see no difference in the lives we lead
so let’s just say i’ll keep my distance
you just keep on looking right for me


[verse 2]
sister is heat like a .45 with chrome finish
i’m here kissing her cheek like i don’t know my own business
i wish it were me stripped in the sheets with jessie’s girl
there’s other fish in the sea if i could keep this net untwirled
but s-xy curls can really ruin your judgement
who put a grudge in between you and your husband
with all my foolish -ssumptions and testing the bounds
my best friend got the impression we were messing around
now i’m left with a frown like some desolate clown
as if you never went down the aisle with her dressed in a gown
or i never caught you staring with regret when you’re found
lost in glaring at my girlfriend’s chest when it bounce
come on, you really think you’re any different than me?
life isn’t complete without those innocent peeps
your wife isn’t a freak she likes it when we see
she’s quite pretty indeed in nicely fitted jeans, i mean
it just seems you aren’t made with common sense
i didn’t dis you queen to her it’s great for confidence
you shouldn’t grit your t–th, curse and say i’m not your friend
cause i’ll never quit your team, just learn to take a compliment brotha


no hard feelings, my broke hearts healing
come on, you always said that we could trust each other
the way we’re fighting now we really must be brothers
we’re both caught stealing, she’s so appealing
this chick would really have to be one sweet lover
that we’d actually punch eachother
and now we can’t……..

go to the beach or the swimming pool
no cutting in to dance, close to the beat
we got different rules
you’re watching me as thought i’d cheat which isn’t cool
and i’m feeling like two kids in school
come on, let’s put the fire out
cause we need a time out

too bad for me, women weren’t made to share