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love is red – take a bow lyrics


take a bow
your time is up and i’m glad to watch you go
what all you’ve done is run your mouth about how it was back then
but the scene’s alive and i won’t let it fade away
just because you turned your back on what we had
you turned your back on me
on the times we’ve had and the lines we sang
the x’s on your hands are faded as your heart
you don’t care about anything anymore
you let me down
it’s all on you to show this world what you’re reall made of
this day is gone and my respect is lost
but this life is far from over
i’m still holding on
showing the world just what i love
no one cares for what’s expected of me
no ideals that threaten me
these beliefs are burned inside my heart
i’m here until the end
i love my life, and i love my friends
these beliefs are inside of me
you can’t take that away from me.