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lozano cruz – 7 rings lyrics



since a kid i had my dreams that i wanna live
but people kept telling me i needed to grow first
oh well, looks like i just hit a f-cking growth spurt
looking back, i think i just needed time to soul search
needed time
of my own
i skipped town
got a loan
now i’m back to destroy sh-t like a cyclone
you don’t want no beef
like keanu reeves
i k!ll sh-t
everytime you see me leave you still

(b-tch got me f-cked up)

b-tch got me f-cked up
wanna get some bread
let me show you what i’ll do just to get some
yes, i’ll lie for this sh-t
die for this sh-t
music’s the one thing that makes me feel alive, b-tch
i hit hard with my words, make you dead weight
call you christopher reeves cause he’s dead, wait
pull up in a car
hit you with a spray
paint. (paint, paint)
lyrical murder
superman ain’t gon’ save the day. (wooh)
my, my
how time flies
sh-t it’s kinda funny people see me as the nice guy
let me switch the image up
let me get my temper up
got my middle fingers up
now it’s gon me vs. the world, fun
i’m tryna be the best right now
i can hear my mama saying give it a rest right now
but i’m sleep deprived
i will never stop
not even at the top
i’m topping every bar
i guess i’m never satisfied
oh you don’t like me?
we’ll go ahead, threaten me
maybe one day you could be the death of me
but watch out, cause if you don’t come and do your dirt
i’ma go find you and i’ll make sure you f-cking hurt
i don’t care about my pride
that sh-t’s kept alive
it’s bigger than the ocean
it hits harder than a f-cking tide
you’re drowning in some deep water
sallowing some sea water
i guess that’s why you’re salty all the time. (wooh)
thinking like big sean, but i just can’t decide
what if i go crash my car?
what? it’s cool to fantasize
i’m not suicidal but i am committed
gotta keep the image vivid
i’m livid
no mental prison can hold me
way too much pressure think it’s time that i blow up
take a glance at my past, thinking that i had the best glow up
if you talk a lot of sh-t, you best believe that i’ma show up
just my presence is evident that the greatest barely showed up