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lucas coly – cruisin lyrics


intro: yeah .. lucas .. coly .. i just wanna talk to you .. yeah .. yeah

shit get crazy homie
i got so many questions
i’m cruisin’ round the city
thinking, waiting on a blessing
you’d be surprise at what i’m on
i feel the pain, i’m stressing
if you ain’t calling bout no money
you can keep it stepping
i might just take a nigga b-tch
and p-ss it to my nigga
i might just let my partner run up here
i don’t care who with ya
i might just tell you face to face
see i won’t fucking diss ya
i’m a nigga tryna get it
hope you get the picture

i got some hunnids in my pockets
but i ain’t gon spend em
i’d rather stash em, make it triple
turn that cheap to demin
look i could break the rules
better than i fucking bend em
i ain’t no gangsta but
you throw them shots and we gon send em
right back at you
i’m sorry homie, love don’t live fair
niggas pray for me to fall
but b-tch i’m still here
i used to take that shit to heart
but shit, ain’t shit fair
sometimes i act like i ain’t tripping
but i still care
that why i push the pain aside
and let her roll it for me
she say she love my slugs
that booty poking, show me
i got a couple ounces on me
she gon hold it for me
we pull up to the scene
and she gon scope it for me
i tell her go and do ya thang man
i wanna fuck you all day
when we done with this shit?
the way she do, ima go
i fall in love with the b-tch
no feelings
shit we fuck
and do the drugs
and that’s it
oh yeah …