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lucas geniza – f8 lyrics


[verse 1]
adjust the yellow white and red
static swimming through the lens
i’m sleeping in the lion’s den

is this the end? is there room for any change
three winters have p-ssed and i’ve lost my ways

oh father, it’s a noisy life
i’m at the deep end of the water
i’m casting pearls before swine

lo-fi records on the dash
don’t let my system crash
these memories belong in the past

this is the seventh time i took this detour
no wonder i felt like i’ve drove here before
and the gauge hits e

i’m stranded on a winter solstice
abandoned on a winter solstice
i’m stuck in the domain of darkness
this is an s.o.s

i’m writing a poem to the night sky
cause there’s no way i’ll sleep tonight
someone help, someone help
i’m stranded on a winter solstice