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lucero – hello my name is izzy lyrics


[verse 1]
h-llo, my name is izzy
i shake my head ’til i get dizzy
i spend most of my time taking things off shelves
i can unfold clothes
and i can drop things on your toes
i spend some time chasing cats as well

[chorus 1]
i’m isabelle, i’m isabelle
i love to type but i can’t spell
oh, i’m isabelle

[verse 2]
h-llo, my name is izzy
i keep my dad real busy
open that baby gate, let’s climb some stairs
i eat bugs off the floor
i open up cabinet doors
i hear you say “no no,” but i don’t care

[chorus 2]
i’m isabelle, i’m isabelle
i love to bathe but i still smell
oh, i’m isabelle

don’t stap me in
don’t hold me down
don’t change my diaper
don’t make me frown
my name is izzy
that’s short for isabelle

[verse 3]
h-llo my name is izzy
i think you should dance with me
let’s go outside, eat gr-ss, and chew on sticks
i learned to walk, sometimes i fall
i bounce around the room like a crazy pinball
the internet’s too slow for my netflix

[chorus 3]
i’m isabelle, i’m isabelle
i play piano pretty well
oh, i’m isabelle
i’m isabelle, i’m isabelle
i’m one year old, i’m doin’ swell
oh, i’m isabelle
oh, i’m isabelle