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lucid – what’s the point lyrics


haven’t wrote a song in a while
man i guess that i’ve been down
barely have the energy to pick a pen up
sh-t i barely got the energy to cracks smiles

similar to back in the cl-ss when i wasn’t gonna p-ss with a pen and a pad back pack full of raps and a ear full of laughs i was dreaming of the cash and i wish i had the stacks thought it’s never gonna p-ss

need some peace and quiet
so i can sleep at night
wanna see the light
but the money’s tight
and the lights ain’t bright

and the waters cold
no heat from the kitchen stove
f-ck this sh-t man it’s getting old

that sh-t is hard for a dude like me
workin every day then they crushing all your dreams
never gonna stop man i’m feeling like a fiend
yeah i got some friends but i ain’t really got a team

i been workin for a while
nothing happen so i can’t even smile
dealing with the pain and it’s driving me insane
got me thinking if it’s even worth the while

man i gotta keep faith
even when i have bad days
scared i’m never gonna make it think i’m happy but i fake it what’s the point is all i gotta say

what’s the point of even trying
say they support it but i know they’re f-cking lying
feeling empty inside
feeling empty inside

people started laughing when i told em i was rapping didn’t think that it would happen and i’m never gonna stop

wish that i would make it and i didn’t have to fake it i can’t wait for the day that i will be on top

but maybe i got off at a bad start
i was dreaming of the cash and the fast cars
rapping bout the future and i’m sayin that it’s here and it ain’t even near i ain’t even really got that far the name
and i want the fame
i guess gods to blame
man i feel insane
and i try to change
but it stays the same
man want the sun
but all i get it rain

i wonder how long it’s really gonna be
man i can’t wait til the world knows me
they gonna love the sound cuz the words so deep
and the flow so heat
i don’t really need a ft

ain’t no studio for my music
got an extra phone so i use it
no trap songs all i have is that true sh-t
you know everyday i write new sh-t
people talk but don’t do sh-t
deep down i know they can’t do this
they hit me up i’m like who dis
but i keep the peace like buddhist
yeah i keep the peace

i stay up at night man i never sleep
what the point i have a world to see
got some songs to make
and some risks to take
gotta keep it moving cuz happiness ain’t free

been waiting for this music for a long time
everybody know that i been on the grind
i’m lookin’ in the mirror tryna find
peace of mind in a piece of my

inspiration back from the beginning
life’s a movie, i can’t make revisions

feeling lost in a world so cold
but i gotta stay strong i will never fold
gotta make sure that my story told
doing this forever it never getting old

i ain’t even gonna front man i love this sh-t
i will never think that i’m above this sh-t
got a problem i will never run from it
lookin back at the bad i can finally say i’m done with it