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ludul – whole lotta lyrics


tory on the beat
yah, yah

[verse 1:]
pull up in the town and we gon’ eat
you don’t f+ck with me, i don’t want beef
i just talk ?????? and then beef
i just pull a lot and i’m pulling out, bean
i said pull it up, b
it’s an f&n so pull it out b
i said f&n, it pees a lot b
i just told my heater tell me pull it out b
i said what (what?) (what?)
do it slatt?
do it slatt?
when i look on my slat
whole lotta red, whole lotta gas, whole lotta b
whole lotta slat, whole lotta me, whole lotta rocks
i just put that on a beam that’s what i mean
i put red dot on the beam like my lean
i put red dot on my beam, gasoline
i said ++++++++?+++++++++
i said ++++++++?+++++++++
[verse 2:]
when you talk, in that lot
who it be? be that doc?
i might pop on your b like that bob
i might shot, i might pop like
i might pop on your thing like a
i pull out 3 box and then i pull it out b
i said bet, 2 to a set
been in a lamb, been in a jet
i might pop crack