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luke bonds – corner cab catchin lyrics


corner cab catching handling my bad habits in a different way
told you i been escaped
baby got love for the dude that use a different brain
if you put me on a pedestal i still pick up the grain
if you ever knew ahead of you then you’d do the same
things i did follow the footsteps an make your own lane
if you seen things from a different view you would know frames
paint a perfect picture pictures say a thousand words slang
you know what it be about
i’ll be in a treehouse
or rolling trees in a house
either way it’s mother nature
baby gotta love for the dude that call her later
handle business like briefcases
handle pictures like see say it
what you talkin bout
this a different language but i talk out loud
why am i immune why am i amusing why am i so rude why did i rebel why did i ridicule everything it said
put the pencils on hands
draw your images with the lead
40 40 caliber hit you right in the head
n-gga why is the feds all about the bread
police agents of revenue
please don’t touch the dude
no handcuffs will do
i got enough bars of my own
securing my home
sit in my throne
here in the kitchen dawn fine dine with roj its about time i put you in my bakery
i’m the breadwinner and you wait to see hit you with the latency
n-gga i’m a made to be made man made from the greatest thing
source of all source prime creator rhyme of all rhymes man i ain’t got time for later