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luke rainsford – in spite of all my worry lyrics


i had a bit of a breakdown, and made the worst choice of my life. i know you have no reason to trust me, and i know that i have lied, and been a pretty poor excuse of a person these past few weeks. you are everything and i hold nothing that you seek. i trace my hand over the tattoos that are etched into your skin. i wish i was that permanent

don’t forgive me, cause i don’t deserve your touch. still you leave me with nothing left to do but beg for everything i need. you’re the reason why i ever fall asleep without crying myself into an empty hollow sh-ll

well honestly i know that i wasn’t that honest, and i know you don’t believe me when i tell you that i love you but you make me see the good in all my bad. without you i’m the sum of all the worst parts in my head. you just don’t know the sway you’ve had

if you were open water, then you know i’d wanna drown. i’d sink beneath your surface until i found your solid ground. to you i’m just a riptide, when you just wanna swim, but to me you’re a riptide, you always seen to pull me in

in spite of all my worry i’d still keep you safe, and i know you’d always do the same

if you were open water then i’d finally learn to swim. you make me feel like i could float forever on an ocean or a lake. you make me never want to waste my days away. i’m getting better, and it’s all because of you