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lulu p – hot fire lyrics


jump out the pot with it
it’s a lot of eatin’ goin’ on, not with it
plan to bring the wraith out, haters with the way ’bout
i’m tryna find a way out, f-ck it, bring the cake out
these n-ggas honey buns, they wanna be my sons
i’m a one-of-one, i’m with the huntin’ us
i’m the type of done, i get a runner some
i got that type of charm, might give your mother some
look here though, ho, you a weirdo
you ain’t the same b-tch that you was, you actin’ queer, ho
rest in peace deer, ho, we don’t drink beer, ho
i’m the only motherf-cker that you cheer for
i’ma get it out ’em, this the mob, i’ma put this sh-t on the mob
i’ma put this sh-t in the bottle, sell it
i know you n-ggas just wildin’
i know you n-ggas is tellin’
i know you b-tches is jealous
worryin’ ’bout your melon
we ain’t f-ckin’ ’round, n-gga
glizzy hundred round, n-gga, ayy, ayy
flamethrower on it, n-gga
tell me, do you get the picture?