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lunchbox avenue – standing still lyrics


standing still:

living in the fast lane
rollercoaster super train
running hard to pull it off
telling me i drink too much

light another cigarette
i don’t wanna go home yet
the party just began to fall
doesn’t really hurt at all

cause i wanna stand still forever
but i don’t wanna go home now or never
its such an obstacle that seems so impossible
so maybe its time to just go home

skater punk watch your step
go too fast you’ll b-mp your head
bustin out lookin up
trying hard just not to suck

score another m-ssive air
ever stop to think you’d care
about your life or your next grind
so close to drowning but i don’t mind


momma’s boy think too much
loving with a gentle touch
doing well, but not your best
a little bored i must confess

how much longer till you burst
that’s what you get for being first
are you really good to go
so little time i told you so