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lupe fiasco – this is for my niggas lyrics


[verse 1: lupe]

fast black man author
slower white man warner
i can never leave the hood
i’m a city sticker
like lower right-hand corner
my city sl!cker like billy crystal
to recall the wielding pistols
more arms than vishnu
wrist full, of the crystal ball
i predict through, pistol
won’t miss you (shoot?)
like the second song on disc 2
lift you, 5’8″ to 6’2″
to 6 feet below
its like i’m half way home with 6 streets to go
never halfway holmes
i’m 6 deep in flow
in the halfway homes since hes been paroled
because i’ve been behind those bars
a political prisoner, imprisoned for p-ssing out
anti-political literature
tapes full of that revolutionary curricular for you to listen to

this is for my n-ggas baby
no doubts, if, ands, or maybes that
this is for my n-ggas baby
from the bus to six sedans crazy
this is for my n-ggas baby
no doubts, if, ands, or maybes that
this is for my n-ggas

[verse 2: lupe]
they say he zone out
just the spirit of lu
he malone out
till he thrown out
with two technical fouls
he middle fingered the crowd
he argue with the reff
but your team blown out
a bonafide player that they wanna comb out
crone out, stocked, sticked, and stone out
psychiatrist’s couch, straight jacket
bubble walls, and a foam mouth
i move k packs crazy, pack heat
lay back like back seats in maybach mercedes
a track to say these
so please let the record reflect
like the bottom of cd’s i could never eject
or go back like eight-track
i could never respect if i ever regressed
i don’t play that
but still sittin on dubs and pimpin on her
what you trippin on cuz


[verse 3: lupe]
since my conception my directions to get connections
if loving you is wrong i don’t wanna be right
i dodge corrections like
before i see my arms in ludicrous charms
i will buy the farm
the cowboy boots, roosters, tractor, chicken, and the barn
hustle north cause esse, he know
got that double cross like f-a-b-o
but i will touch ya
send them boys to ice you out like usher
understand i musta been here before
in the belly of the beast
i’m sincere for sure
in the stomach of the hundred is ten pills of raw
ey, i got some dope sh-t
and i’m focused y’all
so put that lactose to it
sneak the black toast through it
let the mac flow to it